True insight into your immersive scenes

Metalitix® provides you with necessary tools to see metrics and playthroughs within the context of your 3D spatial experience
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· Heatmap

Advanced 3D Heatmaps

Hot zones and indicators summarise where your users are looking and positioning themselves most often in your scene
Metalitix® generates a heatmap using data from all user journeys through your experience. It then overlays this heatmap onto your 3D scene within our viewer. This allows you to identify and confirm exactly where users are looking most often in your 3D spatial experience
Pins indicate where users position themselves most often in your 3D spatial experience to provide insight on how users are navigating your scene
· Session Explorer

Advanced Session Explorer

Go back, replay, and understand how individual users navigated your 3D experience


Full User Path

See the full journey alongside notable interaction events of every individual user playthrough


Advanced Filtering

Find exactly sessions that match a wide range of criteria such as device, country, events, and other custom metrics


Multiple Perspectives

Fully understand playthroughs by observing from multiple vantage points such as first person, third person, birds-eye, and more


Share and Collaborate

Share links to real user examples to support your talking points

Built with data security front of mind.

Metalitix® proudly holds SOC 2 certification and operates in full compliance with GDPR, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to data security and privacy.
· engagement metrics

Engagement Metrics

Metalitix 3D Spatial Analytics
Popularity Metrics
Watch your total number of sessions and dwell time increase every day using our graph visualisations
Origin Metrics
Learn the countries, devices, browsers, and websites users are accessing your experience most often
Advanced Session Explorer
Optionally ask directly users within your experience for their sentiment using the Metalitix® pre-built surveying system
Performance Monitoring

Validate and optimize the performance of your experience for the greatest number of devices

What Data Does Metalitix Collect
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· custom data views

Create Custom Metrics

With custom metrics, you can analyse data that is unique and specific to your experience.
Experience Start
This metric is designed to identify where in the funnel users are dropping off at the start of the experience.
Call To Action
For most projects there are desired actions which the customer wants to make at the end of, or during an experience.
During an experience there are typically areas in which the user can engage by interacting or clicking within the experience.
Object Seen

When interacting we are now wanting to understand how many users look at an object that is important to a Scene or experience

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Metalitix Custom Metrics - Starting Funnel