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Metalitix provides a world's-first view on how users interact with Sky Effects, thanks to Magnum's Starchaser WebAR experience utilizing 8th Wall's innovative sky segmentation technology.
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Sky Effects AR Experience

"Magnum integrates Metalitix to gain world-first insights into user behaviour whilst using Sky Effects."

Magnum, Mindshare and Aircards recently launched an innovative campaign that utilised sky segmentation to allow users to create tuneful songs! In a world first Metalitix looks at different types of behaviour of this new type of experience.

Did users rotate left and right?

Unsurprisingly the most common viewed area of the sky was at the immediately ahead of the User, however the most common habit was to turn in a clockwise motion. Most of these users were happy to rotate up to a 170 degrees in rotation.

The next and much less common movement was to move left, these users also did not extend past a 100 degree rotation. The final and least common movement was to the rear. No users actually rotated a full 180 degrees.

Did users rotate up and down?

If we use the quadrant segmentation above we can begin to see distinct behaviours in each quadrant.

  1. In the first quadrant we can see that users were freely exploring up and down in the experience. The heatmaps indicate clear viewing points at the bottom of the dome, right to the top.
  2. As we move to the 2nd and 3rd quadrants we can see that users tended to not utilise the bottom 30 degrees of the dome (high lighted in zone 3). We surmise that by the time the user wanted to move to the next quadrant they were already viewing the sky in a higher viewing position.
  3. In the latter quadrant we can see that the continuation of the raised viewing is extended to the final quadrant, users did not utilise the  0 -60 degree areas (highlight in zone 2&3), instead by the time they rotated more that 135 degrees their device was point higher up into the sky.

Session Analysis

The behaviours outlined in the 3D Heatmap are compounded by examples displayed at the session level. As we grouped behaviour's we found that most sessions were forward facing experiences that explored vertically but not horizontally.

The next common groups of users then begun to rotate clockwise with their viewing angle raised as they rotated.

We could also see some interesting behaviour in some select sessions, ones which showed high engagement indicate a clear gap in events, these are at moments when the User has completed the task and is reviewing their audio composition. Following a period of none events, they then return to do final tweaks to their composition.

By reviewing the analytics within Metalitix, Magnum are able to improve for the next market launch, add new events to the Metalitix dashboard for stakeholder visibility and take these user behaviour habits into the next immersive experience that they launch.

These behaviors are a world first and are building our knowledge on how users interact with this new sky segmentation technology. Not only do we now have some benchmarks for sessions, average session length, we also have some key behaviour trends which should inform us as to where to located key engagement areas in the sky!