AXE integrated Metalitix to deliver rich analytics data and gain a detailed understanding of user behaviours in the 3D space.
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Virtual World

"AXE integrate Metalitix into the Lil Baby 'Shonen Baby' virtual world."

AXE utilized our spatial analytics toolkit to identify when users were engaging with different NPC characters and digital artwork within the 3D space.

Heatmap View

The virtual world, which was set in a 'Manga-Atlanta', was an immersive environment which combined cross-platform and multi-user functionality to create an exclusive watch party for Lil Baby's first manga debut.

Metalitix supported in creating events that determined if certain objects were seen by users within the world to provide deep-level spatial insights for this exclusive immersive campaign.

Sessions View (First-Person POV)

There are varying views on what should be viewed as ‘attention metrics’ on traditional 2D website analytics. However within a 3D world we can mimic real-world behaviour and create events when the following conditions are met.

  1. The user is within 5 virtual meters of the object
  2. The user must be facing the object within its field of view
  3. The user must be viewing the object in full for one second with no camera movement
Sessions View (Third-Person POV)

We surfaced the results of these conditions in the “Sessions” and “Metrics” tabs, as seen below. If a session met these conditions, a true value was recorded. Otherwise, a false value was recorded, as seen below.

Metrics Chart (Custom Event)

Metalitix also enabled AXE to see each individual session, this identified key optimisations that lead to increased session engagement across the Virtual World.

Sessions View

Metalitix provided invaluable user behavior and engagement insights that empowered AXE to implement enhancements for their next experience iteration. By relocating the starting position to the far left of the scene, AXE anticipated heightened session engagement and longer average session durations. Furthermore, they recognized the potential for refining character interactions by adjusting speech bubbles appearing from the characters. Incorporating gamification UI elements was also identified as an way to boost artwork views.

Leveraging the Heatmap view from the platform, AXE were able to pinpoint popular areas within the experience, such as the basketball court and main street. Armed with this knowledge, they could consider relocating NPC characters closer to these high footfall zones, ensuring increased visibility and engagement. To understand which NPC characters could be relocated, Metalitix supported in creating events that determined if certain objects were seen by users within the world.

Shonen Baby virtual world was created in collaboration with AXE, Mindshare, Aircards and The Martin Agency.