Warba Bank
Warba Bank integrated Metalitix within their highly innovative 'Warba World' WebAR experience in order to playback individual sessions and visualize user behaviours and interactions.
8th Wall
Experience Type
AR Mini-Game

"Warba Bank inspires customers out of their seats"

Warba Bank recently released an innovative new Augmented Reality Game to their customers in Kuwait. The 8th Wall powered WebAR game, named 'Warba World', incorporated Metalitix tracking which helped to uncover some extremely interesting user behaviour.
3D Heatmap showcasing the thousands of players within Warba World

Metalitix helped Warba Bank discover four distinct groups of users. These groups have helped understand their user-flow, improve the customer experience and improve the overall UX/UI. Lets have a look at some common user behaviours.

1. The Stander Uppers

In the first 10-15 seconds of engagement, many users shifted from initially sitting down to standing up. Metalitix showed that once these users oriented themselves and showed interest in the scene, there was a physical motivation to walk around and explore the scene with lateral movement.

2. The Look Left, Look Right

Within the experience, the starting position of each user was between two towers, with the camera positioned looking down towards the avatar. Upon further analysis, Metalitix informed us that the start position was less than ideal and that users shifted to the left or the right in order to get a better viewing point of the experience.

3. The Stand Back and Assess

In order to gain a better understanding of their environment, there was a common trend of users taking a step back and orientating themselves before commencing the game. It is interesting to see Metalitix capture this innate human desire to capture a greater summary of a new environment.

4. The Calibrators

In each experience, there was a percentage of people using the 're-centre' button in order to move their position in relation to the 3D scene. This saw sharp movements in relation to their position against the scene. Metalitix helped reemphasize the importance of providing calibration controls for users.

"Using the Metalitix data, we were able to provide valuable insights into user experiences throughout Warba World. This was an outstanding example of how Metalitix can be used to understand the user behaviour & engagement within 3D and immersive environments, further increasing the potential ROI from any given experience."


After carefully examining the various behavior groups, the Metalitix team has formulated a set of recommendations to enhance any future iterations of the experience. Firstly, they suggest adjusting the starting position of the experience in order to improve the overall customer experience (CX). Additionally, they propose to capture 'Calibration' as a custom event to determine calibration issues or user-desired repositioning.

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