· key Features

Understand how users are really experiencing your immersive scenes

A suite of data collection and visualization tools for XR and 3D experiences

View Heatmaps

Visualise aggregated user behaviour within 3D environments, including all user interactions

Explore Sessions

Play back individual user journeys through your 3D environments - see what they see

Analyze Metrics

Access your own analytics dashboard for user behaviour and engagement insights
· integrations

Compatible with your favorite 3D engines

Including Three.js, AFrame, Decentraland, 8th Wall, Unity, Unreal Engine & more
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Metalitix 3D Heatmap

Powerful Insights
Analyse user behavior & engagement within your 3D environments

Aggregated User Position
Analyse high and low traffic locations in your 3D environment and optimise accordingly
User Journey Recordings
Watch individual user journey recordings and better understand behaviours
Gaze Maps
Visualise exactly where users are looking in the environment and quantify high engagement objects
Camera Rotation
Accurately track user camera rotation for more detailed 3D behaviour analysis

Platform-agnostic 3D analytics
Leverage our toolkit to easily add spatial analytics to your XR project

Metalitix™ is compatible across a wide range of 3D and immersive development platforms
Data-logging API
Use our spatial analytics API to collect data from any platform that supports the HTTP POST method
Simple Integration
Integrate with a simple script and automatically pull down data into your dedicated dashboard
Manage Multiple Projects
Manage multiple 3D analytics projects from one single account dashboard
Metaverse analytics platform

Built with data security front of mind

Metalitix™ proudly holds SOC 2 certification and operates in full compliance with GDPR, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to data security and privacy
soc2 certified metaverse analytics
· advanced features

Analytics, meet the 3D space

Metalitix 3D Spatial Analytics
Granular access control
Enables you to grant users development or view-only access on a per-project or workspace level
Customizable metrics
Track your own, custom values to really drill down on deep-level insights
Session duration insights
Visualize exactly when user drop-offs occur, and understand where abouts in the user journey your 3D scene might need improvement
Device Performance Tracking

Monitor the frames-per-second of user devices so that you can make performance optimizations to your experience