LUSH integrated Metalitix within their 'Snow Fairy' WebVR experience in order to better understand user behaviour and playback individual sessions.
FMCG, Beauty
UK, North America
8th Wall
Experience Type
WebVR Portal

"LUSH captivates & engages customers with WebVR portal experience"

LUSH Cosmetics brought back their Snow Fairy WebVR portal for a second year. However, this time, they were able to incorporate Metalitix to better understand user behavior and engagement within the Snow Fairy environment and gain insights into what people were looking at and where they spent their time.

What people looked at

From the aggregated views, we can see that the environment was well traversed, with the main activity based at the cauldron, which was the starting point of the experience.

Using Metalitix, LUSH identified:

  • Area #2: there was a dead zone with no activity at area marked #2, due to no call-to-actions (CTAs) being placed here, as well as being the hardest to reach space in the experience
  • Area #3: there was high viewing activity against the back wall of the experience marked #3, and again, there were no CTAs or any areas in which to interact there
  • Areas #1 & #4: the remaining clusters of viewing were focused on the remaining CTAs #1 and #4, showcasing that the pulsating icons were helping to draw users attention

Where users went

  • Area #1: The most frequented area was around the starting position in front of the cauldron. Using this insight, LUSH made sure to place their most important CTA close to the cauldron to maximize clicks
  • Area #2: The second most frequented area was on the far side of the main CTA, on the other side of the room
  • Area #3: The third most frequented space was on either side of the start position, showcasing that many people opted to remain close to the starting location and explored in 360 degrees from a stationary position

Using both the 3D heatmap and positional data, LUSH was able to improve the overall user experience and campaign performance, with key insights and changes listed below.

UX Improvements

The most common habit of sessions was to remain in the starting location and not utilize the 6 degrees of freedom or the teleport functionality.

The starting viewing position consistently pointed between 0 - 45 degrees to the ground. This would suggest that the users utilizing their devices were indeed starting the experience with their mobile device in their hand, looking down and seeing the floor of the experience upon first contact.

For future experiences, LUSH could incorporate on-screen UI, such as 'look up,' to improve the user experience.

Increasing campaign performance

When identifying clusters of behavior, there was a recurring habit of some users. These users would attempt to click on the main CTA of the cauldron. However, in order to click on the CTA, you needed to click on the text above the object, not the object itself.

This led users to accidentally transport themselves to the far side of the room. This correlates with the gaze and positional pins being located opposite the starting point and behind the main CTA.

LUSH was able to identify this early on in this campaign and tweak the CTA size and location to drastically improve the user experience and, of course, the overall click-through rate performance of the experience.


Using this important 3D analytics data, the different behavior groups and UX improvements that were identified were used to not only improve the performance of their 2023 campaign but also take these insights into future activations.

During the analysis of the data, it was observed that the Call-to-Actions (CTAs) were effectively capturing user attention and functioning as intended. However, by tweaking the size of the clickable area on the main cauldron CTA, users were able to more easily tap on the button rather than accidentally transporting themselves to the other side of the room, thus further increasing the Click-Through Rate (CTR) performance.

Additionally, by observing a portion of users looking downwards by default, LUSH identified the need for on-screen UI to coach users into the best possible viewing position.

All of these insights would have otherwise gone unnoticed without the powerful 3D analytics toolkit from Metalitix. By utilizing these insights, LUSH can improve future activations, user experience and importantly, campaign ROI.

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