A Step-by-Step Guide to 8th Wall Analytics

A Step-by-Step Guide to 8th Wall Analytics
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A Step-by-Step Guide to 8th Wall Analytics

It wasn’t long ago that terms like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) were barely uttered. Now, however, they sit firmly within the public lexicon – and they’re here to stay. As such, it’s getting increasingly difficult for 3D developers to create immersive experiences that stand out from the crowd. To create truly memorable and impactful experiences for users, it’s vital to harness the power of 3D analytics. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

More specifically, this blog will talk about how you can apply 3D analytics to your 8th Wall experiences. We’ll touch upon what 8th Wall analytics look like, how they differ from traditional 2D analytics, how you can apply 3D analytics to your projects using Metalitix, and some of the specific benefits. But first…

What is 8th Wall?

8th wall analytics engine

8th Wall is one of the world’s most widely used platforms for developing web-based AR (WebAR) experiences. This means developers can create AR experiences that can be accessed on web browsers, ensuring users don’t have to download any specific software or apps. One of the perks of WebAR is how it democratises access to AR. These interactive experiences can be accessed across a range of browsers and devices.

In fact, 8th Wall supports more smartphone users than any other AR platform, with access across iOS and Android. 8th Wall AR has a wide array of practical applications too, from education to entertainment to e-commerce. Some of its key features include world tracking, face effects, and image targets.

Analytics for the 8th Wall Platform

analytics for 8th wall

The clue is in the name. 8th Wall analytics is the gathering and analysing of metrics within 8th Wall generated experiences. This includes anything related to user interactions and engagement. Using 8th Wall analytics will help you fully understand your users’ behaviour and how they’re interacting with your AR, allowing you to understand how well – or poorly – your content is performing. Armed with this information, you’ll have all you need to tweak and optimise your content.

While 8th Wall has some facilities for collecting such metrics, Metalitix is an advanced platform that gives developers, brands and agencies a much deeper insight into their immersive scenes.

What’s the Difference Between 2D and 3D Analytics?

8th Wall Analytics Guide

In the world of analytics, 2D analytics traditionally refers to data extracted from platforms such as Google, Facebook, or email marketing platforms like Mailchimp. Here, user behaviour is observed on a 2D screen, hence the term “2D analytics”. On the other hand, 3D analytics are collected within immersive Extended Reality (XR) environments, such as AR platforms, VR experiences, the metaverse, and other digital 3D worlds.

Analysing data within these environments has historically been a tall order, but things have changed. Now, there are specialist platforms designed precisely to capture such metrics. Platforms like Metalitix.

One thing that developers love about 3D analytics over 2D equivalents is their specificity and practicality – that is, the wealth of insights to be collected. While conventional analytics focus on stats such as clicks, impressions, sessions, conversions, and page views, they have their limitations. 3D analytics, however, can measure user behaviour that would be impossible on a 2D screen. Tracking user movements through heat maps, interactions with virtual objects, and even gaze tracking will all be invaluable components in your 8th Wall analytics toolkit. By harnessing such metrics, you’ll optimise your 3D experiences with confidence, removing all the guesswork.

Adding 3D Analytics into your 8th Wall Projects

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Optimising your 8th Wall experiences might sound like a complex undertaking, but with Metalitix, it’s quite straightforward. Getting started is as easy as a few steps. You’ll be done in no time.

Step 1

Visit the website and create your Metalitix account: Registration is quick and easy, and you can choose from several different payment options

Step 2

Create your new 8th Wall project. Creating your project is simple, and this will serve as the hub for all your analytics data, ensuring data management and analysis quick and easy.

Step 3

Whitelist your domains: It’s important to configure your domain whitelist so that only those from expected origins are logging into your project.

Step 4

Upload your 8th Wall project: Upload your 8th Wall project so that Metalitix is configured to gather the appropriate analytics. You’ll also have to instantiate the Metalitix Logger.

For further assistance, check out our getting started guide.

And that’s it. Easy, right? Now you’re ready to start collecting analytics from your 8th Wall projects

Streamline AR Experiences with 8th Wall Analytics

Using Metalitix for your 8th Wall analytics is the perfect way to understand your users’ behaviour. There are lots of ways this will help you as a developer: 

  • Deeper insights: Tracking things like user movements, interactions with virtual objects, and navigation, will help you better understand how users are engaging with your AR environments. You’ll be able to identify patterns, preferences, and pain points, facilitating better optimisation efforts.
  • Better personalisation: Tailor AR experiences to individual users. Collecting data on user preferences, engagement patterns, and interactions will help you create more engaging and immersive experiences.
  • Performance optimisation: By monitoring rendering times, frame rates, and other performance figures, you can identify which areas need improvement, helping you create a smooth and seamless experience.
  • Data-driven decision making: Continuous testing and refinement means you can evaluate the effectiveness of any changes you’ve made. All your decisions will be based on real data, helping you allocate resources and prioritise development efforts.

The only way to truly understand user behaviour is by effectively harnessing the power of 3D analytics. Get started today and see your AR efforts jump to the next level.

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